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     Online Survey  
Conduct market research or receive customer feedback. Use online surveys to plan your product or just use it to gain customer insights.
Seamlessly create Online Surveys with hundreds of pre-designed templates in minutes. Publish survey on your website or simply send as email. Analyze your survey with powerful metrics and custom reports that provide you real-time results.
  • Customize Surveys  
  • Publish Survey link on website
  • Protected Responses via SSL/HTTPS  
  • Add Custom Logo to your survey
  • Unlimited Questions/Responses  
  • Redirect page after Survey
  • Unique Survey Responses  
  • Download results to Excel/Pdf
  • Send Survey via Email  
  • Geo-Visualization-Track survey responses geographically on world map
  • Real-time Fast results  
  • Share your Survey on Social Media Sites
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