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MailRail is a simple and intelligent email marketing solution that helps you create and launch email campaigns in an easy and affordable manner. Mailrail helps you manage your mailing list, keep track of subscriptions, create custom or template-driven newsletters and track campaign performance.
Start experiencing the rich featureset of Mailrail by signing up today. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with an enclosed validation link to validate your email address.
After validating your email address, login to MailRail with the user ID and password that you provided when you signed up. This page lists easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on to add contacts, create campaigns, and send and track emails. If you have any questions, please contact us, our friendly staff would be delighted to help you.

1. Creating Contact List
  Click on the 'Contacts’ tab  
  Click on the ‘New List’ tab and enter your list name  
      Select ‘Add Individual’ if you have fewer than ten contacts  
      Select ‘Import from Excel’ where you can add bulk contacts to your list    
      Select ‘Copy Email Id’s’ to copy-paste any number of contacts to add into your list    
      Select ‘Import from mailing list’ to retrieve contacts from your Gmail/Yahoo    
  Enter the email addresses and click ‘Add to List’
Create New List
2. Create
  Click on the ‘Emails’ tab  
  Select your list and click ‘Continue  
  Choose a name for the email and enter it here. This is to help you identify each of your emails-- we are not displaying this name in your emails  
  Enter the subject of the email  
  Type ‘From Name’ and ‘From Email Address  
  Choose the type of email. Select-'Send a Text mail'/'Send a Web page'/'Send a Newsletter'  
      Text Mail: Type your simple emails and attach files  
      Web Page: Type a webpage link or upload an html file as your email body    
      Newsletter: Select a template and customize the contents with your text    
  You can insert your signature by checking ‘Include Signature’ (Optional)  
  Click on ‘preview’ to view your email content  
  Click on ‘Send Mail Now’ to deliver your email immediately  
      Click on ‘Save to Drafts’ to save your email. You can modify and then send this email at any point in the future  
      You can schedule a date and time to send your email by clicking ‘Schedule Your Mail’.
Create New Email
3. Broadcast Reports
  Click on the ‘Reports’ tab, you can track your performance of sent emails. See how many emails were sent, how many were opened, bounced and forward counts of your broadcast. You can display addresses that have opted out from your list as well.  
Create New List
4. Image Gallery
  Click on the Images tab  
  Click on the 'Upload New Image' link  
  Enter the name of the image file or browse to the image.  
  Click on upload image
Upload Image
5. My Settings
  Click on the 'My Settings' tab, where you can view your profile  
  You can view your profile  
  Update your profile by clicking 'Edit Profile'  
Update Profile
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