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  Getting Started

1. I have registered with Mail rail and I have not got confirmation mail. How can I proceed?
Please check your spam folder for the confirmation mail if you are not finding it in your inbox. You can also send a mail to or call us at 408-775-7077

2. What happens when I enter duplicate mail ids to a list?
When you add contacts which are already exist in a list, Mail rail automatically checks for the duplication of mail ids and list will contain only unique ids.

3. How to upload contacts?
Create a MS Excel file for your contacts. Click on Contacts, type the list name in the text box provided and click ‘Add List’. Select import from excel, browse your file and click upload.

4. How to create a list?
Click on Contacts tab, enter your list name in the textbox provided and click on add to list to create your new list

5. What is a Free Account?
Free Trail Account gives you access to use our all features for free. You don’t have to pay. You can use our product free for 30 days with 100 contacts and unlimited emails.
Once your Free Account expires we will intimate you via email to upgrade your account.


1. What happens with bounced ids of contact lists?
You can check bounced email ids in detailed report. We have given option to edit/delete the bounced ids from your contact list. We automatically do not delete your bounced email ids.

2. I will send mail to multiple lists and all these lists have few mail ids in common. How many times these ids will receive emails?
All valid email ids will receive a single mail.

3. How to add new contacts to already existing list?
Click on contacts, you can view all your existing lists. Click on a list to which you want to add new email ids. You will get options to get mail ids. Select any one option and add your contacts to list.

4. How can I export contacts from a list?
Go to contacts tab, click on a list. Click on download contacts. It extracts all contacts of that list to a excel file.

5. What does ‘move to unsubscribe’ mean?
When you select mail ids and click move to unsubscribe, selected mail ids will be unsubscribed. Mail will not deliver to these unsubscribed mail ids until you set the status to subscribe.

6. How ‘Copy Contacts to List’ differs from ‘Move to List’?
Copy Contacts to list copies the mail ids to other lists keeping the original record on the list where we copied from. Move to list does not keep the original records.


1. How can I add images to my mail?
Click on the Add/Upload link which is above the mail body block. Select the image. Page will lead to Images page if you have not added images in your mail rail account. Click on upload new image.

2. What are the different email editors available?
We have three types of email editors namely ‘Text Mail’, ‘Web Page’ and ‘News Letter’

  • Text Mail : Here you can enter simple text for your mail body and 1MB of file attachments
  • Web Page: You can choose between html web page link or html template. For html web page you need to enter the url and for html template browse the template and upload it.
  • News Letter: Click on a template you are interested in. Edit/Delete options you can see it in all blocks.

                        Edit/Delete the blocks. You can edit/delete the image by right clicking on the image.

3. Is there any option to add mail ids other than list while sending a mail?
Yes. Click on emails tab. Select the box ‘Click here to add more recipient email ids other than contact list for this broadcast’. Enter the mail ids and click next. You can add maximum of nine mail ids.

4. How can I edit the news letter?
You can edit each block of the news letter. Click the edit icon of the block you want to edit. Editor page will pop up where you can edit the content of your news letter. To change/delete the image, right click on image and select the option you interested in.

5. What if I want to send the mail now and deliver the mail few days later?
For this particular purpose we have provided Schedule your mail option. Click on emails tab, select the contact lists and enter email subject, reply to fields. Select an email editing option and enter your email body. Click on schedule your mail option. Select the date and time. Click on submit to schedule the mail.

6. Can I delete drafted or scheduled mails?
Of course you can delete. Click on view drafts or view scheduled mails. Click on the email you are interested in. You will find a Delete button to delete it. Click on the same.

7. Is there any option to enter signature and to use the same in each mail I send?
You can add your signature by clicking ‘Edit your Profile’ or ‘My Settings’. Enter your signature and click on submit. Your signature gets saved. When you create an email, after entering the email body, select the checkbox of add signature.


1. How can I check the performance of my email?
 Reports give you the overall performance of an email. You can go to Reports and click on the email you are interested in or search for the email by giving email name in the search box. Click on the result. You can see the detailed report.


1. How can I use the saved images in mail?
You will get an option to add/upload image while typing mail body. You can choose the images you have saved and can use it in your email body.

2. What formats of images I can upload and what should be the size of an image?
Gif, jpg, png and bmp formats are allowed. You can upload an image of size 600x600

  My Settings

1. What formats we can use for company logo and what is the maximum size?
Gif, jpg, png and bmp formats are allowed. You can upload an image of size 200x200

2. How to edit my profile?
Go to my settings and click on ‘Edit Profile’. Edit the fields and click ‘Update’


1. How to send the mail from drafts?
You can view all the saved mails by clicking ‘View Draft Mail’ link under ‘Create an Email’ of home page. Click on the particular email, you can send it by clicking ‘Send’ button.

2. Where can I edit the attachments of saved mail?
Go to view draft mails, click on the email. Mail type of ‘Text’ contains attachments provided you have attached the files before saving to drafts. Click on edit mail to add/delete the attachments.

3. Can I change the mail type of saved emails?
No you cannot change the Mail type.

  Schedule Mails

1. Scheduled mails depend on which time zone?
You can now schedule your MailRail campaigns to automagically deliver based on each subscriber’s timezone.No more timezone differences! 9am means 9am now, whether you’re on the east coast or west coast. Or anywhere on the globe, really.


1. How many emails I can send per a month?
Our pricing plans are based on contacts. You have limitations for contacts according to your pricing plan but not for broadcast. You can send out unlimited emails.

2. How can I upgrade my account?
Go to My Homepage, and click on ‘change your plan’. You can view all pricing plans. Select the plan which is suitable for you. Click next and add the billing and credit card details. Click on submit my order.
Once you change the plan you will get a confirmation mail to your inbox


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