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  Integrated Enterprise Solutions
  Businesses are unique in the way they are managed and conducted. Mailrail has been designed in sync with these businesses in mind and provides integrated solutions for your marketing efforts.

3rd Party Integration

Mailrail is happy to work with you to create a custom solutions for your business. If you're using third party platforms for your e-commerce or analytics needs, we can integrate our email marketing system so you can create, send and track all your communications from one location: your Mailrail dashboard.

We provide API to connect to our engine so your investment in diverse systems can leverage the power of Mailrail to deliver results. We also provide custom services which are goal oriented and result driven. If you are a large company and looking to get your message to be heard by certain audience in certain geographical location, we can do that as turnkey job.


Shopping Cart

For a e-commerce company, Mailrail can integrate your shopping cart application to centralize communications with your customers: all order notifications, regular newsletters and specials can be controlled and tracked from one place. You'll be able to check on the status of your campaigns with a glance, and your customers will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to various notifications easily.


Volume Messages

Mailrail can help you send high Volume emails effectively all in one click.We provide dedicated servers and IP addresses to our clients. Our delivery engine can be customized to help you manage your campaign effectively and ensure secure and reliable deliverability. Contact our expert team and learn more about sending high volume emails.

Please contact our Team and learn more about Mailrails Integrated Enterprise Solutions
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