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Integrating your email campaign with social media is important for marketers. When email marketing and social media are combined, it strengthens the reach and viral marketing potential for both channels. Creating email campaigns to engage your customers over social media about your offering could be very effective. It empowers your customers to talk about you. Online conversations on social media act as your marketing channel. Create email campaigns, share them with friends and allow them to talk about your message and make them your social champions.Empower customers to generate word-of-mouth marketing for you and simultaneously track those metrics including reach, engagement, and conversation.
Mailrail provides you tools to integrate your email marketing campaigns,online surveys and onilne polls with social media sites like facebook,myspace,twitter, digg and stumble upon. Publish your message on these social sites using our easy to use interface and create branded valuable shared messages.Create stunning email marketing campaigns to be shared over social media and get detail reports about reach, engagement and much more.
Alternatively we can also help you setup your presence on social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Digg. Our consultants can help you create a complete social email marketing package.
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