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  Contact Management
  Import list- Web Accounts
Extract contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail. One click will extract your emails from these domains and add them to your list. Once these contacts are extracted, categorize your selection and create user defined groups.
  Import from Excel/CSV
Import your contacts from XLS, XLSX, CSV to your mailing list. Download our sample excel format and import unlimited contacts with a single click.
  Unlimited Contact Groups
We understand the need for email marketers to have various lists and groups based on different email campaigns and demographics. Mailrail provides unlimited contact groups, that ensure you send the right message to the right people at the right time.
    Export your contacts to excel and csv file formats
  Copy Contacts from External Files
Copy your unformatted email list from any external file to our contact importing tool and convert them into formatted and well arranged contact lists . Its easy, fast and seamless.
  Merge and Copy Contacts
    Create new groups from existing list. Build new groups as per your requirements.
Customize your contact group by merging and copying contacts from existing lists and optimize your marketing efforts.
  Unsubscribe Contacts
Customize your email groups to unsubscribe contacts for specific email campaign. Select contacts in a specific group and unsubscribe them from a particular broadcast. Save time and target the right customer.
When contacts in your group voluntarily decide to opt out from your list, they automatically enter our unsubscribed contact group. We provide a comment box every time a contact decides to unsubscribe. Know why they unsubscribed Use these metrics to learn more about your unsubscribed list. This reports displays your opt-out rate and ensures these contacts do not receive any mails from you.
  Auto Detection of Duplicate Contacts
    Detect duplicate emails in your contact list. We ensure none of your contact lists have repetitive emails.
The duplicate emails are identified and can be deleted. Make sure your contacts don't receive multiple mails.

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