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  Amplify Your List
Each subscribed lead has the potential to become your most valuable customer. Mailrail makes it easy to attract prospects and grow your customer list. We provide site visitors an option to subscribe to your mailing list.You can embed a subscriber box or an opt- in form on your website or partner sites. Mailrail comes equipped with various tools to simplify the processes of collecting new leads and subscriptions.
  Capture Subscribers on your Website
We have made it easy to place a subscription box on your web site that allows users to subscribe to your mailing list. Select our pre designed subscription box or customize it to match your preference. Once you have a subscription box on your website, you are ready to amplify your list by engaging prospects to join your mailing list.
  Customize Subscriber Box
Generate raw Html code for your subscriber box. Customize color, background,text and embed the codes to start collecting subscribers on any website. Design your Sign-up/ Join us box.
  Customize Subscriber Form
Add additional fields or provide more information about the subscription benefits, create customized subscription forms. Add and edit your own text .Generate Html code for your subscriber form. Change color,background,text. Add company logo or image url to your form.
  Assign Groups to your Captured Subscribers
Pre-assign groups to subscribers who sign up. You could have multiple mailing list that subscribers could be assigned to based on their selection. For example: you could have a monthly news letter and a weekly news letter. Subscribers can select what they sign up for and our system pre-assigns them to the appropriate mailing list.

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