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    Contact Management
Import mailing list from yahoo, hotmail, Gmail and excel. Integrate from SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle database. Create, Merge and Copy contact groups, Auto delete duplicate contacts.
Compose your mail with our customized html editor tool. upload images to our image gallery. Schedule your broadcast. View your message in a web page.
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    Professional Templates     Integrate with Social Media  
Choose from our database of professionally designed templates. customize our html template with your logo,text,Color and photos. Integrate and connect with social media like facebook, twitter, Digg etc. Display your email campaign on social media sites and improve campaign visibility.
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    Online Surveys /Polls     Amplify your Contact List  
Create your online survey/Poll using our pre-designed templates or customize your own survey by adding your Text, color, font , background and images.  Choose from various survey types and elements. Analyze your survey geographically and by graphical representation. Capture subscribers from web store, Customize subscribe box, Easy to integrate with third party applications, Customize subscriber form, Generate HTML code, Assign groups to your captured subscribers.
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  Enterprise Reporting   Mail Deliverability
Analyze your broadcast by Opens, Bounce Rate, Forwards, Clicks, Unread, Unsubscribe/opt outs rate, Compare broadcasts, geo- location visualization, Segmented Reporting. Authenticate your mails using DKIM,Sender Id and domain keys. Auto removal of un subscribed,Undeliverable mails. 24/7 system monitoring.
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