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   Mailrail is a simple, affordable email marketing solution that adds value to your    marketing efforts

Create and initiate email marketing campaigns seamlessly and effortlessly.
Obtain quantifiable results and improve brand equity for your products and services.
Target your customers with the right message at the right time.
Integrate your current marketing program with mailrails easy to use applications and create customized,
targeted, measurable promotional programs.
Import mailing list, HTML Editor, unlimited contact groups, opt outs, merge and copy contacts, detect duplicate contacts Capture subscribers from web store, customize subscription box, integrate with 3rd party applications, integrate subscriber box with social media Geo-location visualization,Custom reports,click rate,graphical representation, filter by geographic location compare broadcasts, site activity reporting
Integrate and connect with social media like face book, twitter, linked in. Display your email campaign on social media sites and improve campaign visibility Create your online survey using our templates or customize your own survey by adding your text, color, font , background and images. Professional templates, various categories, Customize newsletters, email templates
   Email Marketing Redefined
    Integration of Mailrail API with our current CRM System allowed us to capture new customers and retain old ones.
Ash, parts4pc, California
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